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Requirements, User Stories and Backlogs
(with Allan Kelly)


5th May 2017

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Featured Course:
3 months from now
Requirements, User Stories and Backlogs
with Allan Kelly - 5th May 2017

Learning Connexions is built on our passion of delivering high quality training, learning & development consultancy solutions to your organisation. We deliver public Agile  & Scrum courses including the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Product Owner (CSPO) certification training in London & Romania throughout the year delivered by the best instructors. Learning Connexions is an accredited Registered Education Provider (REP) through the Scrum Alliance.

Sometimes the constraints of public training can make it difficult to get teams trained. Sending multiple team members from the same project, arranging travel and schedules can be time consuming. We specialise in creating training specifications with clear learning objectives for all members of your team, whether they are beginners, intermediates or advanced professionals. Our extensive network of top trainers means we are not limited to any technologies or methodologies.

Featured Courses

Certified ScrumMaster Course - Mike Cohn

12th - 13th June 2017, London

The Certified ScrumMaster course will not only provide you with the fundamental principles of Scrum, but also give you hands-on experience with Scrum practices and artefacts in a variety of environments and situations. This 2-day course provides a great foundation for anyone adopting Scrum, the most popular Agile framework.  

TDD for Agile Software Development - Kevlin Henney

16th - 17th February 2017, London

Agility and predictability are two qualities often missing from software development. A test-driven approach, in which design is grown and code delivered incrementally according to functionality or risk, forms the basis of the construction phase of an iterative and incremental development.  This two day Test-Driven Development in C# & Java course presents a number of modern practices for developing code based on an adaptive development lifecycle. 

Project Design Master Class - Juval Löwy

13th - 17th March 2017, London

Master architect Juval Löwy shares his vast knowledge over an intense week of training, providing the technical and soft skills needed by modern software architects. Project Design Master Class will push you to new levels as project managers and architects. Attendees will learn IDesign's original battle proven techniques and methodologies and leave with the knowledge and skills required to excel at modern software project design by providing real life, repeatable and workable solutions.


We believe in a strong community focus and regularly attend and sponsor events, conferences and meetup groups. We have our own meetup group Agile Connexions. Make sure you join the group so you don't miss any events! This group is open to all who have an interest in Agile, Scrum and related methodologies, as well as Architecture, Project Design, Java, JVM, Microsoft Technologies and much more. The purpose of this community hub is to bring professionals together to learn, discuss and network. This is achieved through a mixture of speaker sessions, mentorship, coaching, professional development, online events, competitions and more.

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