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Web Development
Developing Modern Applications with Aurelia
(with Ashley M. Grant)


Holborn Bars
12th - 13th Jun 2017

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2 weeks from now
Developing Modern Applications with Aurelia
with Ashley M. Grant - 12th - 13th Jun 2017

Learning Connexions is built on our passion of delivering high quality training, learning & development consultancy solutions to your organisation. We deliver public Agile  & Scrum courses including the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Product Owner (CSPO) certification training in London & Romania throughout the year delivered by the best instructors. Learning Connexions is an accredited Registered Education Provider (REP) through the Scrum Alliance.

Sometimes the constraints of public training can make it difficult to get teams trained. Sending multiple team members from the same project, arranging travel and schedules can be time consuming. We specialise in creating training specifications with clear learning objectives for all members of your team, whether they are beginners, intermediates or advanced professionals. Our extensive network of top trainers means we are not limited to any technologies or methodologies.

Featured Courses

Certified Scrum Product Owner - Mike Cohn

14th - 15th June 2017, London

Few Spaces Left - Last chance to see Mike this June

Mike’s Scrum Product Owner course will help you fully understand your role as a product owner and teach you how to use the product backlog as a tool for success. Traditionally a project is turned over to a project manager and everyone is left waiting and hoping for a good outcome. Scrum offers an appealing and effective alternative to this old fashioned setup. Intuitive and lightweight, the Scrum process delivers completed increments of the product at rapid, regular intervals.

BCS Practitioner in Agile with VFQ®

29th - 30th Jun 2017, London

This course is designed to help those wanting to apply Agile-Lean practices in their organisations. Because it covers Agile thinking and principles, VFQ works across all levels, from introductory to advanced. It addresses the challenges faced by developers, testers, analysts and executives, providing knowledge to help in day-to-day work and long-term career success.

Coaching for Best Fit Agile: Agile Fluency Model & Game Workshop - Diana Larsen

3rd - 4th Jul 2017, London

Diana and James have found the model very useful for helping teams, managers, and executives understand what they can get from Agile and what they need to invest in order to get those results. The model's emphasis on concrete outcomes means executives are open—even eager—to devote the effort needed. Leaders appreciate being able to see the tradeoffs and make a strategic decision, and teams thrive when given meaningful goals and the time and resources needed to achieve them.


We believe in a strong community focus and regularly attend and sponsor events, conferences and meetup groups. We have our own meetup group Agile Connexions. Make sure you join the group so you don't miss any events! This group is open to all who have an interest in Agile, Scrum and related methodologies, as well as Architecture, Project Design, Java, JVM, Microsoft Technologies and much more. The purpose of this community hub is to bring professionals together to learn, discuss and network. This is achieved through a mixture of speaker sessions, mentorship, coaching, professional development, online events, competitions and more.

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