[CSM] Certified ScrumMaster Course with Mark Summers

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Certified ScrumMaster Course
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Sheraton Bucharest, Bucharest

22nd - 23rd Nov 2017 , 9.00am - 5.00pm

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Scrum is an agile management framework for delivering value, reducing risk and driving continuous improvement. The framework is simple in its mechanics but can be difficult to apply as it requires a shift in team culture. Therefore in this certified course you will not only learn the mechanics, but you will apply Scrum as it was intended so that you have the best chance of being able to implement it effectively in your organisation.

During the first day, attendees will learn the basics of Scrum and the principles on which it is based through a series of exercises and discussions. The second day explores the framework's Rhythms, Rituals, and wRitings in more depth, and introduces some of the more common practices used by Scrum teams.

What you will learn:
• A comprehensive definition of Scrum
• How Scrum is underpinned by the Agile Manifesto and agile principles
• Where Scrum is applicable
• Roles in a Scrum team, with special focus on role of the ScrumMaster
• How to plan for a sprint
• How the team works before, during and after a sprint
• Release Planning and how to track progress


All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Mike Cohn's book Succeeding with Agile: Software Development Using Scrum

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An overview of Scrum
What is agile
Agile simulation
Empirical process control and complexity

Scrum Roles
ScrumMaster, Product Owner and team
Deeper examination of ScrumMaster role

Scrum wRitings
The Product Backlog
User Stories
Definition of done
Sprint Backlog

Scrum Rhythms
The release
The sprint
The day

The Rituals of Scrum
Sprint planning
Daily scrum
Sprint review
Sprint retrospective

Scaling and Distributed Scrum
Patterns behind scaling Scrum and working with distributed teams

This course is aimed at anyone involved in Scrum, whether you are just starting out or looking to improve. Although this course will be most applicable to ScrumMasters, it will also appeal to managers, testers, developers, product managers, CIOs, CTOs and other leaders.

This course has no pre-requisites although we recommend you read the Scrum Guide prior to attending this course. Scrum is defined completely in the Scrum Guide by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland, the originators of Scrum.

Following successful completion of the course, you will be qualified and ready to pass the Scrum Alliance assessment exam. This multiple-choice, online test is required to become a Certified ScrumMaster, which includes a one-year membership to the Scrum Alliance, where additional ScrumMaster-only material and information are available. Further information on the certification exam can be found here.

SEUs: This course qualifies as 16 Scrum Educational Units (SEUs) toward the 70 required to become a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP).

Project Management Institute (PMI):
This course counts as 15 of the 21 contact hours needed of Agile Project Management Training to be eligible for the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) certification.

This course also counts for 15 Professional Development Units (PDUs).

The class was practical and fun - it exceeded my expectations.

Teodora Gaja | Scrum Master at Colt Technology Services

My favourite part of the class was learning the Scrum Roles – it clarified a lot of things around which responsibilities belong where.

Catalin Gaja | Scrum Master at Colt Technology Services

The training was excellent.

Andrei Muresan | Senior Developer at Colt Technology Services

The most valuable thing in this course were the practical example's from Mark's previous experiences.

Andrei Harabagiu | Software Engineer at Alcatel-Lucent

I loved the games and the delivery of this course - all the concepts were clearly illustrated through the training process.

Adina Grigoroiu | Trainer and Consultant at Confucius Consulting