Leading & Managing Agile Software Development

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Leading & Managing Agile Software Development
Allan Kelly

etc.venues - Avonmouth House, London

12th Jan - 23rd Mar 2018 , 9.30am - 1.00pm

A 12 week programme of learning and self-improvement: six half-day sessions every other week.

Week 1: 12th January 2018
Week 2: 26th January 2018
Week 3: 9th February 2018
Week 4: 23rd Februaru2018
Week 5: 9th March 2018
Week 6: 23rd March 2018

In the digital economy those leading and managing software development need a wide breath of knowledge. They need to know not just about technology and Agile but how to get the most from teams and maximise value delivered; they must know how to know how to grow and scale teams; plus they need understand business strategy and how to execute strategy.

This programme both teaches leaders key topics in software development and improves their mastery of management. Particular attention is given to self-improvement and coaching.

Throughout the programme individuals are challenged to apply lessons to their own work environment. The designers of this course believe individuals
need to do more than just learn words on a slide.

Participants will be asked to reflect overtime on what they are learning and how the lessons in the can be applied their regular work. In addition
participants are encouraged to bring real-life problems with development to the class to discuss in the group.

Participants will be set a small amount of homework to complete between sessions. This may take the form of reading, analysis and writing as preparation for upcoming sessions.

• What is Agile?
• Leadership and and management 1
• Customers and Products: B2B, B2C, Segmentation, Disruptive innovation and Crossing the Chasm
• Planning and Forecasting: Planning Horizons and approaches for different horizons
• Estimating value and managing for value
• Forecasting and scheduling
• Inverted planning: using cost of delay to guide planning
• Teams, organizational structure and higher purpose
• Common business strategies: Lean Start-Up, Disruption, Chasm Crossing, emergent strategy and customer segmentation

This programme is for current leaders and managers, and aspiring leaders and managers, of Agile software development. Each session examines a different topic, participants engage in active discussion of the topic and how it relates to leading and managing real teams.

• Development managers, Project managers, Team leaders, Architects and Scrum masters will find the programme of immediate value in daily work.
• Experienced programmers, testers, business analysts and product managers will find this programme provides them with the insight needed to advance their career.

Participants are encouraged to discuss real life situations and problems they face so the group may offer solutions. Appropriate respect is paid to commercial confidentiality.

The workshop does not lead to any official qualification. Rather it is intended as a practical course, with practical exercises and simulations.