ONLINE Rapid Software Testing Focused : Strategy with James Bach (US Time)

Countless thousands of people create test cases and perform testing on product in the software industry. Yet few of us, when challenged, can concisely and compellingly explain why we chose to do these tests instead of those tests. This leads to testing that is wasteful, unagile, and disrespected. Good test strategy solves that problem.

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Goals of RSTF-Strategy

  • The primary goal of this seminar is show you how to confidently apply strategic thinking to testing; and to design, explain, and defend a test strategy.
  • A secondary goal is to extend your understanding of Rapid Software Testing methodology.

Main Topics Covered:

During the class you will perform a risk analysis on at least one product; and during the seminar we strive to accommodate students’ specific needs and questions in class discussions and lectures.

The general topics we’ll cover include:

  • Testing as experimentation.
  • Why testing needs strategy.
  • What sort of ideas comprise test strategy.
  • How to think about testability and why it matters for test strategy.
  • Risk-based strategy vs. coverage-based strategy.
  • The role of automation in a good test strategy.
  • How to invent test techniques.
  • Families of test techniques that feature in test strategy.
  • General strategy heuristics, such as alternation, focusing, and defocusing.
  • Simple ways to document test strategy.


This Rapid Software Testing Focused class is for you if:

  • You are responsible for test strategy in your project.
  • You lead people who are responsible for test strategy in your project.
  • You want to learn how to be responsible for test strategy in your project.
  • You are struggling to explain and defend the focus of your software testing.
  • You are concerned that your testing may not be oriented on finding the bugs that really matter.

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