Effective User Stories for Agile Requirements

This one day class provides the knowledge and tools needed to identify and write effective and accurate user stories. The idea is that these statements can make up the requirements of an agile or Scrum project.

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Every project starts with a set of requirements. How these requirements are documented or expressed has a tremendous influence on the rest of the project – especially in its success and cost.

Mike’s course will help you master writing user stories - brief descriptions of functionality told from the perspective of a user. Expressing requirements as user stories is one of the most broadly applicable techniques introduced by the agile processes and can be an effective approach on all time-constrained projects.

What you will learn: 
• The six attributes of a good user story and how to achieve them 
• A useful project-proven template for writing user stories 
• Practical techniques for gathering user stories 
• How much work to do upfront and how much to do just in time 
• Real world tips and tricks from the instructor’s fifteen-plus years of writing product backlogs for agile projects in a wide variety of environments

During this hands-on seminar, you will explore the use of user role-modelling to write the tricky initial user stories for a project and put theory into action by identifying user roles and writing user stories for multiple case studies.

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This course is equally suited for Product Owners, developers, testers, ScrumMasters, managers, analysts and even customers who are interested in applying these agile techniques to their projects.

This course has no set prerequisites, though experience working in an agile environment would be beneficial. If you don’t have a lot of experience with Scrum and agile we recommend you prepare for the class by reading the Agile Manifesto and the Scrum Guide before attending.

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