Requirements, User Stories and Backlogs

In Agile, like traditional software development, work begins with customer requirements. But rather than a large English document most Agile teams work with small *User Stories* and backlogs.

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In this workshop we will look at how Agile teams work with User Stores and use multiple backlogs to guide their work. We will look at:

Making better stories with added value?
What is the right size for a User Story?
How do I write strong User Stories?
When do I use a Story and when do I use and Epic?
How do I determine business value?

Finally we will look at how backlogs can be structured to provide forward planning and visibility.

This workshop is highly interactive, participants will get to write stories, critique stories and assign a monetary value to each and every story.


This course has no set pre-requisites and is suitable for all experience levels.


This 1-day workshop contains lessons for anyone working with User Stories and Backlogs in an Agile setting.  Those who write stories - typically Product Owners, Business Analysts and Product Managers - will benefit, so too will those who receive User Stories to be developers and tested - programmers, testers, and designers.

Managers and Scrum Masters who work with these teams will also benefit from a deeper look backlog management.

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