Architecture with Agility

Architecture with Agility introduces a broad curriculum for modern software architects. It explores development process models, architectural styles, requirements techniques, sufficient modelling techniques, design patterns and testing practices.

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Embracing agile development doesn’t mean forgoing architecture. Whether accidental or intentional, every system has an architecture regardless of whether it was put in place by a nominated architect or if it emerged from the decisions of a team. 

All too often the focus of architecture is centred on a specific set of platform technologies. This focus can be dangerous as it does not highlight all the concerns an architecture should address. Moreover, it addresses only one aspect of the skill set an architect should possess.

What you will learn: 
• The relationship between development process and architecture 
• The roles and failure modes of testing, modelling and technology platforms 
• Different architectural styles and design patterns 
• How to transform product vision into architecture 
• Future-proofing your architecture, and accounting for uncertainty 
• How to ground your architecture and avoid overdesign

The course covers a wide range of topics through a number of practical exercises, with plenty of time dedicated to group discussion.

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This course is primarily aimed at software architects, lead and senior developers, as well as testers looking to both broaden and sharpen their skills in the disciplines touched on by software architecture, not just specific technologies.

This course has no set prerequisites however experience working in an agile environment is required to get the most out of this course.

The Open Group Certified Architect (Open CA) Program
The Open Group Certified Architect (Open CA) program is an independent global certification program for qualifying the skills, knowledge and experience of IT, Business and Enterprise Architects. Accepted and applicable worldwide, Open CA boasts more than 3,750 certified professionals from 180 companies in more than 60 countries worldwide.

While this course can serve as part of your application for the Certified Architect Program, unlike some of our other courses is insufficient on its own to gain certification. If you are considering applying please have a look at the complete requirements and application process.

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