Vision to Value: Backlog Refinement Practitioner

Delivering high-value products requires teams to collaboratively discover the right product to deliver at the right time. Yet, teams struggle with this journey, wrestling with bloated backlogs, ineffective or inconsistent planning, and unpredictable Sprint flow.

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In the Backlog Refinement Practitioner training, you learn how to improve product agility and team outcomes through precise and transparent development of “ready” backlog items.

You define and refine backlog items across the 7 Product Dimensions, prioritize user stories, and prepare for value-based planning. By using the product’s vision to drive Structured Conversations, you optimize the value in the product backlog, exemplifying the core of Lean and Agile practices.

Learning Outcomes
Through interactive discussions, examples, and dynamic exercises, you learn to:

Focus on value
• Align value with the product vision
• Use value as the foundation for backlog definition and refinement
• Make transparent, value-based product decisions

Collaborate powerfully
• Engineer strong collaboration among customers, business, and technology stakeholders in backlog definition and refinement
• Engage the right people at the right time

Build and refine backlog items
• Explore, evaluate, and confirm product options with Structured Conversations
• Comprehensively refine backlog items across the 7 Product Dimension
• Confirm user stories with clear, unambiguous acceptance criteria
• Prepare backlog items for efficient release and sprint planning
• Slice user stories to be “ready” to get “done”

Learning these skills enables you to serve as a Backlog Refinement Practitioner, prepared to help your stakeholders collaborate as product partners, increase predictability in planning, improve smooth flow throughout sprints, and validate delivery of product value.


This course is aimed at anyone involved in business analysis and requirements work on agile projects, including: business analysts, product owners, project managers, agile coaches, ScrumMasters, software developers and architects, subject matter experts as well as anyone involved in the testing, quality assurance, and user experience disciplines.

Delegates should have a foundation knowledge of agile practices and methods, especially the core agile principles and values as defined in the Agile Manifesto.

To optimise your learning experience, please do the following to prepare:

1) Watch the 2-minute, animated video, Discover to Deliver Explained

2) Read the “Big Concepts” section from the book Discover to Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis* available at this link.

Anticipated reading time: 30 minutes.

3) If you are not familiar with—or have not recently re-acquainted yourself with—the latest Scrum Guide, read The Scrum Guide™.

Please note: There will be a short quiz on the Discover to Deliver “Big Concepts” and Scrum in the training.

*You will receive your own paperback copy of Discover to Deliver at the training.

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