TDD for Agile Software Development – Kevlin Henney

The course is intended as a practical course: the best way to appreciate how test-driven development works and what it feels like is to do it in practice, making sense of the principles it embodies. In this form the course is based on lecture material, demonstration, discussion, exercises and hands-on labs.

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This two day Test-Driven Development in C# & Java course presents a number of modern practices for developing code based on an adaptive development lifecycle. Agility and predictability are two qualities often missing from software development. A test-driven approach, in which design is grown and code delivered incrementally according to functionality or risk, forms the basis of the construction phase of an iterative and incremental development. The use of unit testing provides confidence in existing code and supports the ability to refactor code as development unfolds.

Appreciate the benefits of testing as a design tool and not just a defect reduction technique
Recognise the purpose and practice of refactoring in keeping a system supple and adaptable
Know how to build up a set of unit tests in NUnit, JUnit and other frameworks
Understand the consequences of dependency management on testing and code quality


The course is suitable for software developers experienced in C# or Java and are familiar with object-oriented principles and practices. Any previous exposure to NUnit or Agile development concepts is beneficial but not essential.

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