Developing cross-platform apps with C# using Xamarin

In this 3 day course, you'll learn about the Xamarin environment. You'll learn about cross-platform development, Xamarin Android and iOS. All this becomes possible using the knowledge you already have: C#!

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Book this course together with Advanced Xamarin Development for £1700 + VAT.

Xamarin is quickly gaining a lot of traction within the Microsoft developer community. Using the same language – C# - we can now create apps which run on iOS and Android, next to only Windows Phone previously. Developers which have been developing using the .NET stack now get the ability to extend their reach onto other platforms, while still being able to use tools like Visual Studio.

What you will learn:
Introduction to cross-platform development with Xamarin
Cross-platform code-sharing approaches and architectural considerations
Building our first Xamarin.Android application
UI Development with Xamarin.Android
Programming Android
Deploying your Xamarin.Android apps

Building our first Xamarin.IOS application
Controllers in-depth
Views in-depth
Table and collection views
Programming Xamarin.iOS
Deploying your Xamarin.iOS applications
Introduction to Xamarin.Forms
XAML and databinding in Xamarin.Forms


Students should have experience developing applications or websites using C#; the course assumes you are familiar with the language. XAML knowledge is a plus but is not required.

Machine specification
A Windows machine with 4GB of RAM to run Visual Studio smoothly. No licenses are required, you can make use of the Community edition of Visual Studio. If you would prefer, Learning Connexions can provide you with a configured laptop for the duration of the course.

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