#NoEstimates/#NoProjects Workshop – Vasco Duarte

A one day introduction to #NoEstimates and #NoProjects. Learn to apply the digital-first tools that help you deliver more value in less time. From breaking down 9 month projects to 30 minutes, to learning to reduce investment risks. In this workshop you will learn how to transform your product development.

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What is it?

If you are a project manager - or work in a related field in the software industry you know how important project deadlines are.

Digital first companies have dropped projects. Business is in constant adaptation to the market, and to the customer needs. With the ability to continuously deliver to the market, we need a new paradigm for managing investment, reducing BUSINESS risk and focusing on customer value.

Learn to apply the digital-first tools that help you deliver more value in less time with the internationally recognised leaders of #NoEstimates and #NoProjects, Vasco Duarte and Allan Kelly.

What is the format?

This will be a hands-on workshop, in it we explore the why, and give you the tools to work continuous with improved forecasts and without projects in your organization.

What will your learn?

  • How To Predict Project Completion Schedules With 90% Accuracy
    Project completion schedules are the bane of the technology industry. But they don't have to be. Armed with #NoEstimates principles, you will be able to effectively predict the completion schedule of any projects, knowing ahead of time when your project will be ready for deployment.
  • How To Manage For Value Creation, Not Work Maximization
    Often we meet organizations that focus on work maximization. They are under the mistaken impression that the more they work, the more they will succeed. However, in the software 5 minutes of coding can be enough to destroy years of brand building. We'll share stories of companies that outsourced their way to bankruptcy thanks to the mistaken focus on work, instead of value. And we will discuss how to avoid that from happening to you.
  • How to Set And Meet Project Deadlines Every Single Time
    You will experience the Value Slicing exercise, where you will learn to reduce the scope of any project to deliver the needed value in a very limited time-frame: you will take home the exercise that helps teams practice slicing a 9 month project into 30 minute value increments!
  • How To Deliver MORE Value To Your Company Or Clients In Less Time
    How to manage investment in your company without projects, but rather focusing on continuous value delivery, without projects, but with concrete market deliverables.
  • How to Help Your Colleagues Learn About And Apply NoProjects And NoEstimates
    How to explain and prove to your colleagues that estimates and projects are an obstacle to real business agility. And tools that will help you assess and follow-up progress without estimation.
  • And Much, Much More
    I've gone the mile to pack the maximum possible information into #NoEstimates. Each page contains nuggets of project management wisdom that you won't find anywhere else.


Who is this course for?
Technology leaders: team leaders, project managers, Scrum Masters and development managers, senior developers and architects, product managers and business partners.


Testimonials from previous students: 
“Allan’s knowledge and passion for all things Agile is infectious”

“He is one of the best trainers I have had. His ability to take concrete examples happening during the course to teach some concepts is excellent”

"Allan is a fantastic course tutor - his course content is made richer by all the discussion, interaction, group exercises, and relevant real-life experiences.”

"Directly after the course, we have started using the techniques we have learned, in our project. Allan gave a great training with a balance between theory and practice.”

"I got more than enough from the morning session to be worth the whole price of the workshop!"

"Very well facilitated workshop. Great and eye-opening discussions!"

"I appreciated the very practical, solution-oriented workshop!"

"I loved the opportunity to add our own questions to the workshop agenda!"

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