Building modern applications with .NET Core

Learning and understanding Visual Studio, .NET and C# can be a daunting task for developers. In this course, you will learn how to build modern applications with .NET Core and C#. You’ll learn about the tools such as Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. You’ll get to understand the basics and the more advanced concepts of C# and you’ll understand the different types of applications that can be built with .NET Core. This course uses .NET Core 2.2

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.NET has evolved tremendously. From a framework which we could use to build Windows and WebForms, it has evolved into an ecosystem that we can use to build modern, responsive and cloud-ready systems for enterprises.

Right at the centre is Visual Studio and C#. Visual Studio is the tool that allows us to build all the different types of applications, ranging from web applications to cross-platform mobile applications to cloud-based applications. C# is the language that is used by most .NET developers and it’s actively maintained and extended.

What you will learn:

An overview of the world of .NET
o Overview of .NET and .NET Core
o Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio Code
o The .NET CLI

Developing applications with C#
o C# language basics
o .NET CLR, type system
o OO development with C#
o Collections
o Delegates, generics and events

Working with the database using Entity Framework Core
o Overview of EF Core
o Database creation, migration
o Code-first design

Testing .NET Core applications
o Introduction to unit testing
o xUnit

ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET Core MVC applications
o Razor
o Working with a database
o Logging
o Security
• Building APIs with .NET Core
o Content negotiation

Building mobile apps with Xamarin.Forms
o Overview of the Xamarin platform
o Forms with XAML
o MVVM introduction

Integrating with the Cloud
o Overview of the most commonly used Azure services
o Azure Web Sites
o SQL Azure databases for developers
o Deploying applications to the cloud

Common patterns in .NET development
o SOLID development in .NET
o Other commonly used patterns

Securing applications
o The OWASP security guidelines
o Security in ASP.NET Web applications
o Tokens

Team work with Azure DevOps
o Introduction to Azure DevOps
o Boards and work item management


During this training, we will teach you about the .NET framework and C#. No C# knowledge is required however previous programming experience is expected (Java, C++…) since we aren’t covering the basics of programming.

Bring your own device

Delegates are requested to bring their own laptop to participate in this course.

We will provide details of the software installation required with the course confirmation.


After taking this course, developers will have a deep understanding of the C# language, Visual Studio and the most important building blocks of the framework.


This course is intended as a hands-on practical course and not affiliated with any specific certifications. Please check on the Microsoft Technical Certifications website to see which certificate will be most applicable for you once you have completed the course.

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