BDD in Action – an introduction to BDD from start to finish

In this intense 2-day workshop we combine key elements from our BDD requirements discovery and definition workshops with a deep-dive technical introduction into BDD test automation using Cucumber and either Serenity BDD (with Java) or Serenity/JS (with Javascript).

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BDD in ActionDay One: Agile Requirements Discovery, BDD style
On the first day we introduce the general principles of BDD, and show you how Product Owners, Business Analysts, UX Designers, Developers and QA folk can collaborate more effectively around a well-understood goal to deliver features that make a difference sooner.

Teams learn how to discover and refine requirements collaboratively and efficiently using technical such as Pirate Canvases, Impact Mapping, Example Mapping and Feature Mapping. They will learn how to identify and explore the key business behaviours and user journeys, uncover uncertainty and

By the end of the day, students will have a solid understanding of how BDD principles and practices can focus requirements discovery both at a high level, and for individual features and stories.

Day Two: Writing executable specifications with Cucumber
Writing high quality executable specifications is one of the hardest skills to master in BDD. On the second day, students will learn best practices and anti-patterns in writing Cucumber scenarios, and experience the gains in productivity that executable specifications can bring to a team. Working on realistic examples, you will learn how to write high quality automated acceptance criteria using Cucumber. You will learn first-hand how to turn your requirements into executable specifications and living documentation, and write your own automated acceptance tests, using Cucumber and Java or JavaScript.

Learn BDD from industry expert and author of "BDD in Action", John Ferguson Smart.

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