The Agile Product Owner – Dananthi Arnott

Learn how to transition to the product owner role using Scrum or Kanban to deliver effective business value.

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About the Course
Transition to the product owner role with a powerful set of tools to help you be effective
Maybe you’ve adopted agile values and principles, or you might just be thinking about it. Either way, it’s time to focus on some of the factors that will help you make a successful transition into agile.

As the product owner on an agile team, you’re in a key leadership role, and responsible for taking a vision or idea and collaborating with the team to successfully transform it into a shippable product.

The common characteristic and the key success factor of the agile method is a product owner who is customer centric—someone who is considered the voice of the customer.

The greatest expectation of this role is the close interaction and collaboration with the entire team as they focus on delivering business value, early and often.

If you are new to the agile product owner role and interested in pursuing a career in agile product management, the Agile Product Owner course will help you achieve your goal.

This course is designed to guide you through not only the various responsibilities of the product owner role, but also the expectations of it.

What You'll Learn
This course includes 20 videos that will explain the role, responsibilities and the expectations of the product owner.

You will learn:

The definitions of the various agile methods available, including XP, FDD, Lean and more
A detailed explanation of Scrum and Kanban—both of which have gained popularity in the agile community
The evolution of the technical product owner role and how that relates to its responsibilities
All about release planning, from the initial release to continuous planning and how to keep it relevant
Tips for evoking requirements and how to facilitate product backlog grooming meetings
Techniques for writing user stories and story decomposition
The definition of done to ensure a high standard of quality that is consistent and repeatable
The importance of communication
Various options for promoting agile best practices
How to encourage team cohesion and full participation of all team members
How to monitor progress effectively
What You Get
A step-by-step guide on how to become a Scrum product owner
Practical knowledge on how to apply Scrum or Kanban to your projects
Detailed tips and checklists that can be downloaded and applied to your agile projects
Who Should Take This Course?
This course is right for you if you are:

New to agile and interested in working on agile projects and obtaining a CSPO, CSM or PMI-ACP
An agile practitioner looking to understand the role of the product owner or the technical product owner
Curious about what makes a good product owner great
An agile team member interested in understanding the role of the product owner, and how you can collaborate to deliver business value
Senior executives and managers working with agile teams and interested in the inner workings of the release plan, requirements elicitation, requirements management with user stories, the importance of just-in-time planning, progressive elaboration of requirements and most importantly, prioritization of the work

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Please note: There is overlap of course content between this course, and my other course on Front Row Agile: "Business Analyst Series: Making the Transition." If you do not have prior knowledge of the iiBA-Business Analyst disciplines, I would encourage you to take this agile product owner course.

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