The Architect’s Master Class

The Architect’s Master Class is the ultimate resource for the professional software architect. Attendees will explore the rationale behind particular design decisions - shedding light on often poorly understood topics. This course teaches the architect how to take an active leadership role in process, design, and technology.

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Master architect Juval Löwy shares his vast knowledge over a week of training, providing the technical and soft skills needed by modern software architects.

What you will learn: 
• The single most important task faced by software architects 
• The division of responsibilities between the architect and the project manager 
• The relationship between the architecture and the underlying technology 
• The relationship between the architecture and the specifics of the business 
• How to design world–class systems 
• The hand–off point between the architect and developers 
• Skills and analysis tools 
• How to validate the design before construction begins 
• How methodologies such as service–orientation affect the design and development process 
• Best practices, guidelines and pitfalls 
• How to make the transition from abstract design patterns and concepts to concrete development decisions 
• How to decompose the system into its sub system and modules

Note this class is called the Architect’s Master Class (as opposed to the Architecture Master Class) because it is dedicated to the core body of knowledge required of modern software architects - knowledge that transcends mere design patterns and architecture.

See Juval in action in a free 90 minute webcast titled The Zen of Software Architecture. The webcast is available here.

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This course is aimed at any architect, project lead, senior developer, or any senior software specialist. 

The methods discussed do not focus on any particular technology – rather this course explores your role as an architect on a conceptual level – transcending any specific underlying technologies.

This course will grant you membership to IDesign’s prestigious alumni group. Participants will also receive the IDesign documents and diagram templates, tools, samples, and reference projects.

The IDesign serviceware downloads (a set of original techniques, tools, utilities and even breakthroughs developed by the IDesign architects) will also be provided. The utilities are largely productivity-enhancing tools, or they compensate for some oversight in the design of .NET or WCF. 

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