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  • Advanced Xamarin Development

    2 Days
    In this 2 day intensive training session, we are exploring more advanced features in Xamarin development, targeting iOS and Android. It’s recommended that you have already followed the 3 day Developing cross-platform apps with C# using Xamarin introduction course before taking this course.
  • .NET%20Core.jpg

    Building modern applications with .NET Core

    4 Days
    Learning and understanding Visual Studio, .NET and C# can be a daunting task for developers. In this course, you will learn how to build modern applications with .NET Core and C#. You’ll learn about the tools such as Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. You’ll get to understand the basics and the more advanced concepts of C# and you’ll understand the different types of applications that can be built with .NET Core. This course uses .NET Core 2.2
  • Developing cross-platform apps with C# using Xamarin

    3 Days
    In this 3 day course, you'll learn about the Xamarin environment. You'll learn about cross-platform development, Xamarin Android and iOS. All this becomes possible using the knowledge you already have: C#!
  • EA.png

    eXtreme Automation / DevOps MasterClass – Andrey Adamovich

    3 Days
    DevOps is a growing movement that encourages closer collaboration of developers and system operations to help business goals to be achieved efficiently and on time. Software development and infrastructure scaling are very fast-paced nowadays. That brings a necessity of larger automation, measurement and information sharing for all involved processes.
    From €1,495.00
  • Xamarin. Forms – Gill Cleeren

    3 Days
    Xamarin.Forms is the embodying of Microsoft’s idea of writing code once and running it on a multitude of devices. Using XAML and C#, existing .NET developers can easily build iOS, Android and UWP applications, all sharing a maximum amount of code. While the framework is rather complete, developers will need to go off the beaten track and write controls and native interactions with features of the devices, for which native Xamarin will be used.

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