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  • ONLINE Rapid Software Testing Focused : Strategy with James Bach (US Time)

    1 day virtual session
    Countless thousands of people create test cases and perform testing on product in the software industry. Yet few of us, when challenged, can concisely and compellingly explain why we chose to do these tests instead of those tests. This leads to testing that is wasteful, unagile, and disrespected. Good test strategy solves that problem.
    From £300.00
  • ONLINE Rapid Software Testing Managed with James Bach

    3 day virtual sessions
    Excellent testing is an open investigation by skilled technical people. Excellent test management requires you to center on the people who do testing—their skills, behavior, and relationship to the rest of the development process. This class will help you to be a better test manager. Some approaches to testing require rigorous scripts and procedures to be established in advance of any test execution. Management then centers on the artifacts of testing instead of the activity.
    From £600.00
  • rublogo.jpg

    Requirements, User Stories and Backlogs

    1 Day
    In Agile, like traditional software development, work begins with customer requirements. But rather than a large English document most Agile teams work with small *User Stories* and backlogs.
    From £475.00
  • Scrum Repair Guide

    Over 3 hours of content
    The Scrum Repair Guide is the first online video course to go beyond basics and deal with the challenges you’ll inevitably experience. By using this guide, when you do face a challenge using Scrum, you’ll know how to fix it. That means you no longer have to work through problems on your own, or struggle with the time-wasting process of trial and error. The Scrum Repair Guide gets you back on track so you can focus on the very reason for using Scrum: shipping high-quality products with maximum speed and
    From £199.00
  • Succeeding with Agile - Mike Cohn

    2 Days
    This two-day advanced course builds upon the Certified Scrum Master and other introductory Agile courses allowing participants to learn the necessary techniques that will lead them beyond initial success to sustained agility. This course will enlighten participants in the ways they can effectively scale Scrum in a single location, or on a globally distributed team.
    From £1,400.00
  • The Agile Product Owner - Dananthi Arnott

    3 hours
    Learn how to transition to the product owner role using Scrum or Kanban to deliver effective business value.
    From £79.99
  • retrologo.png

    The Art of Retrospection

    1 Day
    Many organisations are adopting Agile approaches to improve their capability, however many teams forget or struggle to continuously improve. Being a ScrumMaster or Kanban Coach means that you need to know how to facilitate these session and get the best from your people.
    From £495.00
  • TBR_logo.png

    Training from the BACK of the Room Virtual Edition (TBR-VE)

    5 sessions of 2.5 hours
    Live Virtual Classes? As easy as taking in-person content and putting it online? Guess again. Awesome, effective and engaging Live Virtual Training does not happen by chance. You must design, build and prepare with the environment in mind. Training from the BACK of the Room Virtual Edition gives you the approach, tools, and techniques to design, build and deliver Live Virtual Training that your learners will rave about.
    From £1,055.00
  • CSPOSeal.png

    Virtual Certified Scrum Product Owner®

    2 Days
    With people unable to attend in-person courses The Scrum Alliance® is allowing Certified Scrum Trainers to deliver virtual courses.
    From £995.00

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