Bespoke Training

Sometimes the constraints of public training can make it difficult to get teams trained. Sending multiple team members from the same project, arranging travel and schedules can be time consuming. Learning Connexions can remove these obstacles and provide you with full consultancy and training at your offices anywhere in the world.

One of the major benefits of a bespoke course at your location is the whole team can be trained around your schedule rather than one or two members at a time. We specialise in putting together training specifications with clear learning objectives for all members of your team, whether they are beginners, intermediates or advanced professionals.

We will collaborate with you and the trainer to put together courseware which will cover your requirements and is structured to your needs and dependencies. Our extensive network of top trainers means we are not limited to any technologies or methodologies.

We provide learning and development consulting services and work closely with you to structure the professional development of your teams. Our aim is to ensure your organisational learning objectives are met as cost effectively as possible, whilst getting your team trained to the highest level and continuously monitoring progress to ensure positive results and tangible return on investment.

If you are considering a bespoke solution for your team then get in touch or click below on the course you are interested in for further details.