Intro to BDD - Mastering Agile Requirements - John Ferguson Smart - BDD in Action

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Intro to BDD - Mastering Agile Requirements
John Ferguson Smart 3 spots left

Greenwich, London

14th - 15th Nov 2016 , 9.00am - 5.00pm

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Requirements are at the heart of every project. How you describe and transmit these requirements often makes the difference between a successful project and a failure. Learn how to discover, document, and communicate about the requirements that really matter, in a way that will help the team deliver valuable features faster and more reliably.

This two day workshop covers practices that are essential for any modern software development team. You will learn how to discoverprioritize and plan the features that really matter: those that will deliver real business value and that will make a difference to your organization.

You will practice writing effective user stories that are pitched at the appropriate level, and writing actionable acceptance criteria that will guide developers and provide valuable feedback and documentation on application features and project progress. And you will experience how building a better synergy between BAs, developers and testers is essential in reducing wasteimproving productivity, and delivering valuable features more quickly and more effectively.

Drawing from years of practical experience and a wealth of techniques including Behaviour Driven DevelopmentSpecification by ExampleFeature InjectionStory MappingImpact Mapping, and more, John Ferguson Smart, author of "BDD in Action", will help you take your agile requirements practices to the next level.

To ensure an optimal learning experiences, class sizes are limited. Book early!

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Day 1 - A shared vision with value-driven goals and flexible scope
Principles of Agile Requirements Discovery
The product vision: hunting business value
Flexible, scope and goal-driven features
Defining measurable outcomes
Embracing uncertainty: deliberate discovery
Feature prioritisation and release planning: Feature Mapping, Story Mapping, and Impact Mapping

Day 2 - A shared understanding
BDD fundamentals
Using examples to understand hidden requirements
The power of three: discovering and defining requirements collaboratively
Features, Examples, Acceptance Criteria and Rules: Example Mapping
The hidden ingredient: the role of Emotional Intelligence
The art of writing Executable Specifications: defining actionable acceptance criteria
The role of test automation
Devops: BDD, test automation and Continuout Delivery
Using automated acceptance criteria to report on progress and status


This workshop focuses on understanding the core concepts behind BDD, and needs no technical or programming knowledge at all. BDD automation tools will be demonstrated, but all of the exercises are paper and white-board based.

The course is suitable for the whole team, including Product Owners, Project Managers, and so on:
Business Analysts
Project Managers
Product Owners

This is above all a practical, hands-on workshop and we believe that the best way to learn BDD is by doing.

My favourite and the most valuable part of the course  were the practical ways of working with our development team through impact mapping  and the 3 Amigo's conversation.

Mina Pandya | Global Web Executive at Cambridge University Press

The most valuable part of the class was working through an example end to end and seeing it fit together e.g. example mapping --> Gherkin.

Stuart Gibbons | Scrum Master at Cambridge University Press