Certified Kanban Management Professional - Helen Meek

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Certified Kanban Management Professional [KMP2]
Helen Meek

Holborn , London

19th - 20th Nov 2018 , 9.00am - 5.00pm

CKT StickerKanban is a set of values, practices and principles that focus on bringing the benefits of Lean theory to organisations. Once you’ve successfully started rolling out Kanban at a team level it’s time to think about how Lean principles apply to the entire organisation.

This interactive certified two-day workshop teaches you the advanced principles of the Kanban Method, and is designed for people who have:

  • Already Mastered the Kanban basics by applying Kanban in their organisation, and now want to take their implementation to the next level
  • The desire to keep momentum going beyond the initial improvements gained from the introduction of the Kanban system.

This course focuses on deeper Kanban practices that sustain evolutionary improvements and organisational feedback loops enabled by the Kanban cadences. To be able to participate in the activities included delegates would need to have completed Helen’s Certified Lean Kanban Foundations course or any equivalent KMP1 course.

If you'd like to know more about Helen and Kanban have a look at our Kanban Podcast series: Kan Do Attitude

The following topics will be covered over the two days:

Day 1:
Definition of the Kanban Method
Motivation for the Kanban method
Proto Kanban
Enterprise-level Kanban case study
Understanding the Kanban system
Kanban Values
Commitment and replenishment
Seeing Services
Delivery Planning
Scaling Kanban out across an organisation
Feedback loops
Essence of Kanban

Day 2:
Evolutionary approach to change management
Fitness for purpose
Feedback loops to improve service delivery
Conducting a stand up meeting
Conducting a service delivery review
Conducting an operations review
The risk review
The strategy review

Please note: The course curriculum for the KMP2 is still evolving and may be subject to change.

This course is useful for anyone who is already practicing Kanban in their work environment and is looking for further improvements for their systems.

Roles that will get the highest benefit from attending would be: Kanban practitioners, Project and Program managers, Line and Middle managers, Management professionals from inside and outside IT, Process improvement coaches and Business analysts.

Delegates would need to have completed Helen's Certified Lean Kanban Foundations Course or any equivalent Certified KMP1 course to get the most benefit from this workshop. We are unable to certify any delegates as Kanban Management Professionals at the end of the programme unless they have completed a KMP1 course before attending.

Delegates should also have read either David J. Anderson’s ‘Kanban’ book or Mike Burrows’ ‘Kanban from the Inside’.

This course has been accredited by David J Anderson (creator of the Kanban method) and the Lean-Kanban University (LKU). Attendees taking a LKU-accredited course will be eligible to become members of the Lean-Kanban University. To read about the benefits and learn more, visit the LKU website.

Delegates who complete both KMP1 & KMP2 classes are eligible for the Kanban Management Professional designation. Students who do not complete the official KMP1 training through the LKU, will not receive this. Please ask if you are not sure.

Scrum Alliance SEUs:
As a Registered Education Provider, Learning Connexions is also awarding 15 Category C SEUs to all delegates that successfully complete this course. Follow the links to learn more about SEUs and about becoming a Certified Scrum Professional.