Project Design Master Class with Juval Löwy

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Project Design Master Class

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Project Design Master Class will push you to new levels as project managers and architects. Attendees will learn IDesign's original battle proven techniques and methodologies and leave with the knowledge and skills required to excel at modern software project design. By providing real life, repeatable and workable solutions, Juval Löwy will teach you how to find the optimal solution for any project while eliminating gambling, death marches, wishful thinking, and expensive trial and error.

What you will learn:
• How to accurately calculate the planned duration and cost of projects
• How to devise several good execution options
• How to schedule resources to ensure the project is both sensible and feasible
• The inner dependencies between services and activities
• The critical path of integration, the staff distribution and the risks involved in all projects
• How to track both progress and effort across developers and services and containing the impact of changes
• How to adapt the design to respond to changing priorities, resources, deadlines, estimations and features

All of the above challenges stem from the system design. Addressing it properly is a hard core engineering task: designing the project itself. Overcoming it requires both the project manager and the architect to work closely together to determine the best overall plan.

This five day course incorporates hands–on labs to practice the techniques and cement the concepts learned. The class ends with a comprehensive case study, walking through its various permutations in determining the best plan that will keep the project on schedule at the best risk level and cost available. The case study not only demonstrates end–to–end flow of project design across iterations but also demonstrates the thought process and rationale behind the decisions. The class will demonstrate IDesign's own techniques and templates for closing the loop allowing you to constantly stay on schedule and budget.

See Juval in action in a free 75 minute webcast titled Software Project Design. The webcast is available here.

Juval Lowy feedback infographic

Project Design Method Overview
The core team
Development plan
Product and server life cycle
Estimation techniques
Services integration plan
Staffing distribution
Scheduling activities
Viability and risk
Figuring cost
Tracking progress and effort
Roles and responsibilities

Essential Concepts
Project as a network diagram
Node vs. arrow diagrams
Critical path pre-requisites
Identifying critical path
Calculating floats
Floats and scheduling
Proactive risk management

Project Compression
Time-Cost curve
Solutions and feasibility
Cost elements
Staffing and cost
Critical path compression
Activity and project crashing

Quantifying Risk
Risk curve
Risk and floats
Modeling risk
Criticality risk index and Activity Risk index 
Exponential risk behavior
Risk decompression
Tracking risk

Project Design in Action
Architecture and dependencies
Complexity reduction
Adding activities
Stage 0 and N
Tools and network diagram
Working with/around MS-Project
Abstracting network diagram
Staffing requirements
Planning assumptions
Network and resources
Staffing distribution
Floats analysis
Infrastructure and dependencies
Design with limited resources/sub-critical resources 
Milestones identification
Project compression and crashing
Accelerating schedule
Team throughput analysis
Building and modeling Time Cost curve
Quantifying Risk
Risk decompression
Planning and risk

This course is aimed at project managers, architects, development managers or even aspiring senior developers who want to grow their skill set. The class's specific objective is to train the project manager and the architect of the same solution to work together synergistically, so we would recommend that both attend the course together.

This course will grant you membership to IDesign’s prestigious alumni group. Participants will also receive the IDesign documents and diagram templates, tools, samples, and reference projects.

The IDesign serviceware downloads (a set of original techniques, tools, utilities and even breakthroughs developed by the IDesign architects) will also be provided. The utilities are largely productivity-enhancing tools, or they compensate for some oversight in the design of .NET or WCF. 

The best training course I have ever attended.

Amarjit Singh | Head of Delivery at Thomsons Online Benefits

My favourite aspect of the course was the passion and conviction with which it was conducted.

Liesha Lobo | Senior Developer at Thomsons Online Benefits

The training exceeded my expectations.

Blair Moir | Software Engineer at Muir Matheson Ltd

All content will be of extreme value and the instruction was excellent.

David Winter | Head of Business Analysis at Beazley

The way that Juval knows his material and his audience to tailor his delivery is phenomenal.

Erin Robinson | Product Manager at Sheet Metal Workers